this is my story

Dr. Sabrina Blount Watson, the founder of Family Resources for Positive Youth Development Inc. has a Ph.D. in Human Services, specializing in Family Studies and Intervention Strategies, she has a M.A. in Early Childhood Education, and a B.S. in Psychology, with years of experience as a public school elementary teacher. Dr. Watson is a certified coach, teacher, and speaker, utilizing her knowledge of evidence-based research on child development and parenting to inspire her audience.

Dr. Watson believes that her life experiences have been her greatest teachers. She grew up in a single-parent home with a strong, loving mother and she is now a single mother herself to her two children whose father is deceased. Sabrina's experiences and her faith have taught her that while she may be a single parent, she isn't alone with God at the head of her household.

As an educator with more than ten years’ classroom experience teaching and training both children and adults, Dr. Watson has participated in developing research in the areas of parenting, family relations, and child-adolescent development. In 2012, Sabrina served on an International Committee of professional speakers, teachers, and coaches for the inaugural John Maxwell Youth Leadership Impact effort in which she brought together more than 300 youth between the ages of 12 to 18 in the Hampton Roads, Virginia region and trained them in the areas of Bullying, Positive Self-Image, Personal Character, and using Failure to succeed in life.

Her primary goal is to be on the leading edge of a mind and spirit revolution for parents and youth. Once you’ve heard her personal story of sorrow to success, you’ll be convinced that her accomplishments have definitely defied the odds of being a product of a single-parent home. Sabrina often says that she is living in her acres of diamonds, which means she has discovered her God given riches, those riches which many people spend years in pursuit and she is on a mission to share that discovery with as many people as possible.